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Master Kevin - thank you soooo much for everything you have been doing.
Honestly, I feel my kids are getting more from you than the school system.    And, you have shown so much kindness, care, and discipline and structure.  All of which have been much need.
I hope you are all well.  Please please let us know if there is anything we can do to help/support you all.
Regarding in person activities - we would feel comfortable with in person class outside.   I'm still a bit weary of any contact games though.
Zoli is of course immediately interested!
Test him for his belt, That was just great.  He is so proud and happy right now.  Thank you for doing this for him.
We hope to see you all soon.
Thank you for holding these classes, it's so helpful and fun to watch her be engaged.  Take care and please stay safe.
Evonne Brown
Hello - just wanted to say thank you for the class yesterday.
Definitely was good and appreciated :-)
You guys have really made a big difference to our family during this time!   Zoli has really been enjoying his classes too!
Please do let us know if anything we can do to help you all as well!
Thanks so much and best wishes to your family as well!!!
Eva DiCocco
Apr 28, 2020
Good Morning Master Kevin,
Please extend my gratitude to Master Dimitar for making my daughter, Aurora Powell, have her best virtual class yet!
She truly enjoyed her class yesterday and told me "Mommy, I love Karate!" 
I will select a weekly private class for each child from now on because I realized that Aurora does a lot better by herself (instead of with her twin brother Dimitri in the same private class).
Thank you so much to the Wilde Lake team for your availability, hard work, and for keeping our family active (and happy) during this difficult time.
Ami Powell
Hello Master Kevin,
I wanted to take a brief moment and acknowledge all of the hard work to keep our WLK families active and connected virtually during time. 
You and your team quickly provided a platform for the children to continue their practice with instructors. You went above and beyond in also adding the Saturday meetings knowing how much the children need some interaction with others in a fun and unstructured environment beyond their families and schools. 
All of this could not have been easy, it is appreciated. 
I am also extremely impressed by the young instructors who are juggling teaching our students and their own academic shifts to an online learning platform- they always seem very buttoned up, dedicated and passionate about the practice with our children. 
Again, thank you to you and your team!
Hoping for continued health of your family and all the WLK staff. 
- Jeannette and family. 
Ps. The super speed delivery of the earned belt, certificate and medal was icing on the cake and a lovely surprise for Lila.