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Required Conduct
In & Out of the Do Jang


  1. Whenever entering or leaving the Do Jang, execute a bow of respect to the displayed national flags.
  2. Execute a bow of courtesy upon meeting an instructor or higher belt.
  3. Remove shoes upon entering the Do Jang- Shoes are not to be worn on the training floor.
  4. The Do Bok must be clean, ironed, and complete at all times.
  5. Remove all jewelry prior to engaging in training.
  6. Each class will have a formal opening and closing ceremony consisting of a bow to the national flags and the instructor.
  7. Strict attention is to be given to the instructor at all times.
  8. Proper respect will be displayed to all persons holding higher rank.
  9. Profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing and talking, or any display of a lack of self-discipline will not be tolerated.
  10. There will be no smoking, gum chewing, ingestion of liquids, lounging against the walls or on the floor while wearing the Do Bok, or anywhere within the Do Jang or reception area.
  11. All students should be on time for classes.  Those who arrive early for a class should take the opportunity to do warm-up exercises, stretching, or to practice their forms.
  12. Students should practice only those forms which have been presented to them by the instructor.  They should try not to skip ahead by observation of higher ranks.
  13. Do not complain about strenuous conditions.
  14. Free sparring is not allowed without permission from the instructor.
  15. The title of MASTER followed by the applicable last name will be used to address all instructors of 4th Dan Ranking.  The title of Mister followed by the applicable last name should be used to address all other instructors.
  16. Wilde Lake Karate Tae Kwon Do techniques are not to be applied out of the Do Jang unless circumstances involving your safety, or the safety of others, are overriding.
  17. During the class, the sound of clapping hands will indicate that activity is to cease immediately.
  18. Every student is subject to the school's rules and regulations. Non-compliance will result in the following penalties: warnings, reduction of test scores or denial of permission to test, temporary suspension of membership.
  19. An excessive number of warnings or suspensions will result in permanent termination of school membership without refund of membership fees, tuition, or registration fee.


The angry man will defeat himself in battle as well as in life.

-Samurai Maxim