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Welcome to Wilde Lake TaeKwonDo school.  Here at Wilde Lake we strive to honor not just the students and instructors but the tradtions and complete philosphy of the martial art called TaeKwonDo.  To that purpose, we have created a student handbook, the contents of which are found within the pages of this site.  We have also compiled the information for download my our members.  The handbook is available in MSWord format or Adobe PDF format.  Please take a moment to download the student handbook and familiarize yourself with its contents.  Each student and family is expected to adhere to all aspects of the student handbook, should you have trouble accessing the handbook, please contact our web master, Kevin Agahi for further help.  Should you have any questions regarding anything contained within the handbook, please see Master Kevin for further clarification.

Handbook in MSWord format
Handbook in Adobe PDF format