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Before and After School Program

Important information

Please notify us of any changes in your schedule

Please notify us any time your child doesn't need to get pick up from school by sending an email to wildelakekarate@gmail.com

After school Pick up time are between 5:45pm- 6:00pm. Call us if  going to be late. Extended pickup is available to sign up

Before School Drop off time are between 6:30am-8:00am only, Don't drop off your child after 8am.  

Martial Arts Uniform must be sent in every day, except Fridays. 

We will send emails in advance for day camp, half day camps or upcoming events.

click here for After school Classes schedule

 During pick up time please don't cross the training Mat, one our staff will help your child.

for any billing questions please send email to billing@wildelakekarate.com

Howard County Schools closed on October 9th and 18th 

We have all day camp from 630-6 Please send an email to wildelakekarate@gmail.com if need day camp

Cost: B&A school full time $35, After school full time $45.00, B&A Part time $55.00, Summer camp students year 2019 $55.00 and all others $65.00


WLK Halloween Party (Parents Night Out)

Friday, November 1st 


(Pickup time between 10:00-10:15)

 Games, Custom(optional),Pizza, dance…

Cost: $35.00 per child

Please put the exact cash in an envelope and write your child’s name on it and drop it of on the day off.

Please email wildelakekarate@gmail.com to sign up

 All proceeds of this event will be donated J


 Evening Classes Schedule Effective 09/04/19

Monday From 6pm-7pm Advance Belts -Brown, Red, Red/Black & Black Belts

Tuesday From 6pm-7pm Orange Belt & up Sparring class

Thursday From 6pm-7pm All Belts

Sunday From 9am-11am All Belts and Families Class 

Sunday Morning Class; No Uniform needed Parents of any program are welcome to join, 

No fees are associated for parents to take class with your child on sundays.



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