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Black Belt Attitudes

1. I will begin each day with a positive attitude.

2. I will greet everyone with a friendly smile and a friendly greeting every day.

3. I will strive to always be honest in everything I do.

4. I will take pride in being respectful to everyone and use good manners.

5. I will take responsibility for my actions and will not make excuses.

6. I will show respect for my own and others property.

7. I will always be on time and be prepared to do whatever I have to do.

8. I will work towards my dream and I will encourage others to follow their dream.

Wilde Lake Martial Arts Academy Attitudes


1. Be loyal to your country.

2. Be respectful of elders.

3. Respect each other.

4. Be honest.

5. Help each other.

6. Be loyal to yourself and your family.

7. Obey and be loyal to your instructor.

8. Respect and trust your teachers.

9. Be loyal to your friends.

10. Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters.

11. Be a good son or daughter to your parents.

12. Always stand by the weak.

13. Be loyal to your Do Jang.

14. Never retreat in battle.

15. Always finish what you started.