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 White Belt
Symbolism: Barren

Meaning: The color white symbolizes the purity of barren earth that is willing to accept the oak seed. The white belt represents a student who is empty of Taekwondo knowledge, pure of mind and spirit, and willing to accept the planting of the seed of Taekwondo knowledge.  Stripes indicate progress toward yellow belt. 

 Yellow Belt
Symbolism: Oak Seed

Meaning:  As the oak seed is planted and begins to develop strong roots, it must struggle to reach the surface of the earth where others can see it. The yellow belt represents the student who has developed strong Taekwondo roots, but has unknown potential and requires hard work to develop skills that others can appreciate.  Stripes indicate progress toward orange belt. 

Orange Belt
Symbolism: Pre-emergence

Meaning:  As the seedling nears the surface, it reaches the faint light that filters into the earth. It is only a short distance to the surface now. The orange belt represents the student who is almost ready to free-spar.  Stripes indicate progress toward green belt. 

Green Belt
Symbolism: Emergence

Meaning: The seedling emerges from the earth and finds it is one of many saplings that are struggling for survival into a strong oak tree with many branches and leaves. The green belt represents the student whose Taekwondo skills are emerging and feels proud of his or her skills but who finds that the skills of fellow students are developing just as quickly or quicker. 

     The seedling starts to grow into an oak tree with many branches and leaves. As the tree begins to absorb sunlight, it starts to bloom and bear fruit.  But, although it is a powerful tree, it is still anchored to the earth.  The senior green belt represents the student whose Taekwondo skills are growing and branching out, but who still feels anchored and is finding it difficult to move higher. 

 Blue Belt
Symbolism: Sky

Meaning:  As the young oak tree grows, it reaches for the freedom of the sky; striving to achieve great heights. The blue belt represents the student who is reaching upward toward the sky, toward higher belts.  

 Purple Belt
Symbolism: Atmosphere

Meaning: As the oak tree continues to grow, it stretches higher into the atmosphere; developing confidence to reach even higher. The senior blue belt represents the student whose skills are increasing to the point that he or she begins to think that black belt is within reach. 

 Brown Belt

Meaning: The brown belt. 

 Red Belt

Meaning: The red belt. 

Dan Bo Belt

Meaning: The dan/bo belt.